This section is for specific tips and techniques of the process that fall within the mainstream practice. Links to references for overall theory and practice of the wet plate collodion process can be found in the References section while the outré bastardly practices are filed under Bastardry. Go to DIY and How-To for miscellaneous project tips. If you have a technique or tip to share, please submit it via the Contact Form below.

Collodion Tips & Techniques (Lund Photographics)

Pouring Developer (Quinn Jacobson):

Silver Bath Maintenance (Alex Timmermans)

Cleaning the Inside of a Bottle (Alex Timmermans):

Video How-To: Wet Plate Negative and Salt Printing (Borut Peterlin):

Mobile Shooting in the Dead of Winter (Borut Peterlin):

Wet Plate at Zero Degrees (Borut Peterlin)

Calibrating Chemicals in the Heat of Summer (Borut Peterlin)