Sources for glass, metals, acrylic and other miscellaneous wet plate supplies. For big stuff like cameras, lenses, tripods, etc. go to “Gear“; for chemicals, go to “Chemicals“. Please submit your favorite sources below if they are not already listed.

Wetplate Supplies (Kevin Lunham; UK Based, wetplate chemistry as well as supplies for numerous other processes.)
Lund Photographics (.024 & .040 aluminum; glassware; tanks, misc. supplies; ships US, EU)
Main Trophy Supply (.o20 and .025 aluminum cut to order if ≧ 3.25″ on the side; USA)
Metal Supermarkets (has .040 aluminum cut to order; USA)
TAP Plastics (for acrylic for tanks and for plates; various epoxies; USA)
ePlastics (for acrylic for tanks and for plates; Weld-On acrylic cement; USA)
Thor Labs (blackout material, lightproof tape, lens glue, other optical bits, global shipping)
Wet Plate Wagon (black glass, aluminum; based in Barcelona, Spain)
Grafeerbedrijf Putters (aluminum; the Netherlands)
Mamut Photo (black aluminum; Czech Republic)
Wiltronics (glassware; Australia)
Kremer-Pigmente (asphaltum, sandarac, shellac, and other varnishes; Europe)
Graphic Chemical and Ink (asphaltum; USA)
Shellac Shack (shellac) (shellac, Renaissance Wax)
Kimble Reagent Bottles (eBay)