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Visual Overview of the Process (by Ad van de Beemt & Alex Timmermans)

Collodion-related books on Google Books (English)

Getting Started in Wetplate Collodion Photography (Joseph Smigiel)

The Doers Guide to Wet-Plate Collodion Photography (for sale by John Coffer)

John Coffer’s “Myth Busters” Series

Basic Collodion Technique: Ambrotype & Tintype (for sale by Scully & Osterman)

Making the Wet Collodion Plate in 16 Steps (by Will Dunniway)

Chemical Pictures and Wet Plate Collodion Workshop Videos (for sale by Quinn Jacobson)

What Is the Wet Plate Process (by Quinn Jacobson; includes videos)

Basics of Wet-Plate Collodion Process (by Alexey Alexeev)

“Pictures on Glass: The Wet-Plate Process” (from Images and Words: An Online History of Photography by Robert Hirsch and based on his book Seizing the Light)

The Classic Tintype Process (by Ken Watson)

Antique & Classic Cameras (by Dan Colucci; very informative and interesting source)

“The Petzval Lens” (by Dan Colucci)

Allen Rumme’s Lens Database (Very useful source for lens specifications)

A Lens Collector’s Vade Mecum (Wilkinson & Glanfield)

Large Format Focal Length Comparison Chart (for 35mm equivalency)

The Soft-Focus Lens and Anglo-American Pictorialism (Thesis, William Russell Young III)