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Brian’s Lithium Quick Clear (fast when fresh)
240ml plain collodion USP

224ml alcohol 95%

137ml diethyl ether

6.5g ammonium iodide
1.22g lithium bromide anhydrous

NOTE: Brian recommends making half this amount if you intend to use it for its speed. It slows down after a couple weeks. Also, if your Li has is not anhydrous, you’ll need to compensate with a little more.

Quinn’s Quick Clear
Part A:
240ml plain collodion USP
160ml diethyl ether
Part B:
3g cadmium bromide dissolved in 5ml distilled water
Part C: Slowly mix Part B into Part A
Part D:
4g Ammonium Iodide dissolved in 5ml of distilled water
160ml of grain alcohol
Slowly mix PART D into PART C and shake after eash addition

Keskino’s Topshit 3-Salt
(quickclear ambrotype)

collodium 4% 100 ml
ether 40 ml
alcohol 100 ml
amonium-iodide 2g
cadmium-iodide 1g
cadmium-bromide 1g


Brian Cuyler’s Copper Dev
20g iron sulfate
10g copper sulfate
420ml 5% distilled white vinegar (or 320ml 6% vinegar + 100ml distilled water)
20ml ethanol
top off with distilled water to make 500ml.

Jody Ake’s Vinegar Dev
1 liter distilled white vinegar
2 tablespoons iron sulfate
2 capfuls of grain alcohol
2 tablespoons of sugar
Dissolve all ingredients in vinegar and filter a couple times.


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