Find various DIY projects and How-tos here. See also “Technique” (for tips on the collodion process & plate-making) and “Bastardry” (for non-traditional and experimental practices and hacks), and “Post-Process” (for finishing, scanning, storage). Please submit your own DIY & How-To ideas via the Contact Form below.


Mounting a lens without a matching flange (Alex Timmermans)

How to make a ground glass for view camera (Borut Peterlin)

How to Japan Your Own Plates, Period-Appropriately & Original Patent (via Tom Persinger at f295)

How to Convert a 8×10″ Film Holder into a 18x24cm Wet Plate Holder (Alex Timmermanns):

Modifying a 4×5″ Film Holder for Wet Plate (Alex Timmermans)

How to Modify a Film Holder for Wet Plate Collodion with Magnetic Tape (Elizabeth Graves)

How to Modify a Mamiya RB67 Back for Wet Plate (Nède Romain Vernede)

Polaroid Instant pack film to wet plate quick conversion (Crow):

The BastardTank™ (pano plate silver bath tank; Gerald Figal):

The BastardTrough™ (pano plate developing apparatus; Gerald Figal):

How to Make Eskimo Quickfish Tent Lightproof (Borut Peterlin):

Using a Manfrotto 359 Lens Support as Camera Support (Alex Timmermans):

How to Repair a Bent Lens Hood (Alex Timmermans)

Making Your Own Lens Cap (Alex Timmermans)

How to Unscrew a Stuck Lens Element (Alex Timmermans)

How to remove silver stains (Alex Timmermans)

How to Build a Large Format Camera for Wet Collodion Work at Home (Elizabeth Graves)

How to Glue Acrylic (TAP Plastics)