A growing collection of BastardKnowledge™ generated over generations. Live discussion of some of these areas can be found in The CBCB.

Gear (sources and tips for cameras, darkboxes, tripods, lighting — big stuff)

Chemicals (sources and tips for collodion, silver, developer, fixer, etc.)

Supplies (source and tips for glass, acrylic, metal, and miscellaneous accessories)

DIY & How-To (tools, materials, how-to’s for building and restoring gear, etc.)

Recipes (collodion, developer, fix, varnish, pies, etc.)

Technique (any practices, tricks, and tips for shooting collodion of illustrious lineage)

Bastardry (hacks, mods, wild experiments, and blasphemous practices that confirm your questionable parentage)

Post-Process (varnishing/waxing, scanning, displaying, storing, etc.)

Troubleshooting (known diagnoses for known issues)